Thursday, May 26, 2011

Excerpt: About DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS Spring 2011 Issue

IMDiversity announces the release of Diversity Employers Magazine,cvr 2011spr 191x244.png40th Anniversary Issue, a special edition commemorating the company's 40th anniversary publishing year.

About this Issue

This magazine was originally envisioned as a special commemorative edition of THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Magazine. Concluding our company’s 40th anniversary publishing year celebrations, it would wrap things up with a retrospective of our best features and milestone moments, largely chosen and recalled by our founder, publisher and company CEO, Preston J. Edwards, Sr. It turned out to be something else.

The transformation of THE BLACK COLLEGIAN into this new publication was motivated by the needs of our expanded job seeker audiences, employer clients and career center partners, and by changes in the job market, workforce demographics, and technology. It would coincide with Preston’s announced transition into his retirement, as he steered us through the last of three planned anniversary issues. It felt like the end of an era.

But there is something appropriate to the timing of this issue. Falling as it does now, amid spring’s renewal, at the end of the academic year, it feels like both an end and a beginning, a graduation and a commencement.

As one might expect, this edition contains seasonal features emphasizing entry-level, student and recent college graduate jobs. But the issue contains more. As incoming editor, I’ve found both inspiring and sobering our two special, retrospective features, with Preston’s selections arrayed like gems commemorating some major moments and figures from our publishing past.

In a “Best of THE BLACK COLLEGIAN: 1970-2010” package that is in many ways deeply personal, he samples some of the themes and events that have driven him and influenced the publication’s character over the decades. Excerpted are unblinking examinations of the legacy of slavery and racial segregation; philosophical explorations of African American traditions and the values underlying a good life; and profiles of groundbreaking Black achievements and “firsts” in virtually every industry and sphere of American life – right up to the election of the first Black U.S. president.

Straight Talk from the Top” collects frank discussions with CEOs of major organizations about the vision and strategies that helped them become, in many cases, the national diversity leaders they are today. Conducted across three decades, the interviews show the evolving notions of workplace diversity. They illustrate employers’ movement beyond regulatory compliance and narrowly defined race categories in the 1980s to the strategic integration of diversity and inclusion as a fundamental business value – a necessity of long-term global competitiveness and sustainability.

As incoming publisher Preston Edwards, Jr. observes in his Publisher’s Message, such employers have come far in diversifying their workplaces. One ascending the corporate ladder today, he writes, “will see more women, African Americans, Latinos, Asians, indigenous peoples, gays and lesbians, Muslims, people with disabilities, older workers, veterans, among others” at all levels.

about_issueIn “Today’s Workplace: The Times They are a-Changing,” Chris Campellone concurs, but also notes that in a period of high unemployment, it is “Blacks and Hispanics who are shouldering most of the burden, with rates that are far outpacing those of Whites and Asians,” and women still make 81 cents on the male dollar. As far as we’ve come, we’ve still a long way go.

Explored in these features are questions likely to remain relevant in future editions of DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS: What are the hallmarks of those employers that are most proactive and successful in reaching their diversity goals, to the benefit of their organizational mission? What resistances and obstacles must be overcome? Indeed, what does “diversity” mean today, and tomorrow – the approaching era of the so-called “minority-majority” America, the post-Obama America?

The continued exploration of these questions and our company’s founding values will serve to guide the staff of DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS moving forward from this, our commencement.

-- Stewart Ikeda

Former Director of Online Content and Editor-in-Chief at, Stewart Ikeda is a new media planning, editorial, and diversity consultant, author of What the Scarecrow Said, editor of Diversity Employers Magazine, and VP of Online Publishing for IMDiversity, Inc.


Publisher's Message:
Diversity Employers Finding the New Beat

About this Issue

Message from the Founder

Diversity in the Workplace:
The Times They Are a-Changin’

Straight Talk from the Top

The Best of THE BLACK COLLEGIAN: 1970-2010

America’s Top Employers Help Match Jobs to Veterans

Building a Career While Making a Difference

Graduating and No Job: Now What?

Evaluating a Job Offer: Should I Say Yes?

Gallery of Advertisers

Friday, April 15, 2011

Premiere Issue: Diversity Employers (Incorporating THE BLACK COLLEGIAN)

Diversity Employers Cover

IMDiversity Inc. announces the release of the new Diversity Employers Magazine, incorporating and expanding the scope of THE BLACK COLLEGIAN), starting with its Winter 2011 Issue:

The Jobs and Top 100 Employers Issue

Career Planning and Job Search Issue, featuring The Top 100 Employers for the Class of 2011, "The Way Forward: The Road to Job Growth and a Stronger Economy" by President Obama, "Needed: Bilingual Health Care Providers," and more

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BLACK COLLEGIAN Magazine to Cease Publication in Print

THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Magazine to cease publication in paper form after 40 years. The magazine will be succeeded by, and incorporated into, Diversity Employers Magazine, and wider online jobs and content network.

THE BLACK COLLEGIAN will continue to exist as an online entity, with an active website at and a Facebook group, and a dynamic jobs database featuring employment opportunities for entry-level job seekers and recent college graduates, at

Monday, June 28, 2010

Diversity Registry: Look up Employer Diversity Initiatives

We're pleased to unveil the new Diversity Registry -- A reference to look up employers' diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace, supplier contracting, markets and other areas.

THE DIVERSITY REGISTRY is your online resource to research and compare information from employers with active diversity programs according to a wide range of indicators. Its mission is to showcase the diversity initiatives of major employers, and to help job seekers, researchers and others to determine the extent to which employers promote diversity within and outside of their organizations. It is accessible at THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online ( with additional features posted at the new partner site, [beta].

Easily look up employers by name, or skip ahead to one of the Diversity Registry Lookup categories, including:

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Updates: 2010 Virtual Diversity / MBA Career Fair

THE BLACK COLLEGIAN is pleased to introduce the latest featured employers to join the 2010 Virtual Diversity Career Fair, co-presented this year by THE BLACK COLLEGIAN, the Career Center & Multicultural Villages Network, and the Howard University MBA Program.

Cintas Employer Profile
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Employer Profile
Federal Reserve Information Technology Employer Profile
Illinois State Police Academy Employer Profile
National Fuel Employer Profile
National Trust for Historic Preservation Employer Profile
RJ Reynolds Employer Profile
RSM McGladrey Employer Profile
Thomas & Herbert Consulting Employer Profile

The seasonal Virtual Diversity Career Fair features detailed profiles, recruiter statements, diversity information, and job or internship opportunities by diversity-committed employers who are still actively recruiting in the second semester.

Additional features include career advice content from recruiters and career center directors, Fair update email alerts, resume drive with private job tools for quick posting of your employer-searchable resume during and after the Fair, and expanded custom job search tools for searching tens of thousands of additional job listings across the world.

Visit for more information.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Website for students, interns coming to South Africa

The editors received a message announcing the launch of a fairly comprehensive online resource that will be of interest to any student interested in traveling to South Africa, whether for a study exchange or internship. Among the helpful sections are a listing of internship opportunities, travel and accommodation planning for foreign students, and more.

----- RELEASE -----

Cape Intern is a free 'online information portal for foreign students' coming to South Africa. Cape Intern is all about giving students free access to information and opportunities in the Internship & Volunteer markets.

South Africa is a growing destination for overseas students looking to do Internships and volunteer programs. Information for these students is limited at the best of times or fees are involved. We at Cape Intern would like to support and encourage these students with our knowledge and research, which we post on our website We believe South Africa has a lot to offer students from all over the world.

Cape Intern offers the following information:
Provide Internship Database
Provide Volunteer Database
Contact details for the main Universities
Medical internship programs and opportunities
Language schools and Volunteer work opportunities
Safety guidelines
How to get around Cape Town
Activities in Cape Town
Map of important locations

Information and opportunities for Internships and Volunteer programs in South Africa are available in three languages: ( English ) ( German ) ( Dutch )

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

African-American History 101 Contest

It's back!

Take our African-American History 101 Pop Quiz, and you could win $50.00 cash, and be named THE BLACK COLLEGIAN's African-American History Scholar on your campus. Your photo will be posted on THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online at!

View the current magazine edition for more details.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Upcoming Scholarship Deadline: Minority Chemistry Students

African-American, Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian students who are high school seniors, or college freshmen, sophomores or juniors are among those who can now apply for a scholarship from the American Chemical Society Scholars Program. Applications will be accepted through March 1, 2010, for the 2010-2011 school year.

Students must plan to major in or already be majoring in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering or a chemically-related science, and they must plan to pursue a career in the chemical sciences. Scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on college level and economic need.

For more details, see The American Chemical Society (ACS) Scholars Program accepting applications for minority students studying chemistry.

Pre-Registration for 2010 Virtual Diversity Career Fair

THE BLACK COLLEGIAN is pleased to announce that pre-registration has opened for the 2010 Virtual Diversity Career Fair, co-presented this year by THE BLACK COLLEGIAN, the Career Center & Multicultural Villages Network, and the Howard University MBA Program!

Diverse college students, soon-to-be college graduates, and entry-level jobseekers from all backgrounds, areas of study and educational institutions are invited to attend the annual, pre-graduation careers event, hosted on THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online at

The seasonal Virtual Diversity Career Fair features detailed profiles, recruiter statements, diversity information, and job or internship opportunities by diversity-committed employers who are still actively recruiting in the second semester.

Additional features include career advice content from recruiters and career center directors, Fair update email alerts, resume drive with private job tools for quick posting of your employer-searchable resume during and after the Fair, prize drawings and private content for registrants, and expanded custom job search tools for searching tens of thousands of additional job listings across the world.

The Fair will coincide with both the circulation of the new First Semester Super Issue (Top 100 Employers/African American History Edition) of THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Magazine on college campuses nationwide, and the springtime MBA Diversity Forums careers event on the campus of the Howard University Graduate School of Business (details to come).

Monday, February 01, 2010

THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Second Semester Issue Shipped

The editors are pleased to announce the release of THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Magazine Second Semester Super Issue, now being distributed on college campuses nationwide, and released in an extended online edition at THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online.

This edition includes The Top 100 Employers for the Class of 2010, Profiles of African-American Chief Executives, History of Employment Discrimination in America, a profile of businesswoman and super model, Tyra Banks, who launched her career in THE BLACK COLLEGIAN, the annual African-American History 101 Contest, and much more.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We're pleased to announce the launch of the new THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Magazine on Facebook Page. The page intends to focus on jobs and careers information, feature article information, fan feedback, and other information-sharing with fans of our magazine.

While many of the postings will be specifically focused on the interests of our college student, recent graduate, and active entry-level jobseekers, anyone on Facebook, of any background, who has an interest in keeping up with our magazine, website and online career tools is welcomed to become a fan.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Great Job Hunt Contest @ BCO

THE BLACK COLLEGIAN is pleased to introduce the 2009 GREAT JOB HUNT Contest.

We know the jobs climate may appear gloomy now, so we want to help motivate and invigorate your search for entry-level and internship opportunities. As our Mother Lode of Career Opportunities shows, there are good entry-level jobs out there for those determined to pursue them. The GREAT JOB HUNT "sweetens the pot" by offering cash and prizes just for exploring available job opportunities and career information on the Mother Lode of Career Opportunities.

We'll be adding new questions throughout the semester. The first person to submit the correct answer to each question will receive a prize of $50 + The Job Hunter's Survival Guide; the second person to submit the correct answer will receive a prize of $25; both winners will be featured with their photo on THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online.

Try your hand at The Great Job Hunt Contest today.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


We're pleased to announce our First Semester 2009 Super Issue, the Career Planning and Job Search Issue, featuring:
  • The Mother Lode of Career Opportunities for the Class of 2009
  • Gentlemen of Quality
  • Where are the Jobs in Government?
  • Opportunities in the Green Economy
  • The Job-Hunter's Survival Guide
...and more

New articles from the magazine will be added to our website on a rolling basis throughout the semester, along with some special online-only features.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fellowship Program for PhD in Political Science

The American Political Science Association is accepting applications for the 2010-2011 APSA Minority Fellowship Program.

Deadline: postmarked by October 2, 2009.

  • The APSA Minority Fellows program is designed primarily for minority students applying to enter a doctoral program in POLITICAL SCIENCE for the FIRST TIME.
    Additional eligibility criteria include:
  • Applicants must be members of one of the following racial/ethnic minority groups: African Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, Latinos/as, and Native Americans (federal and state recognized tribes)
  • Applicants must demonstrate an interest in teaching and potential for research in political science
  • Applicant must be a United States citizen at time of award
  • Applicants must demonstrate financial need

To apply, and review eligibility requirements and application materials, please visit:

The APSA Minority Fellowship Program is in its 40th year. Please forward this announcement to interested students/individuals.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Job Tools and Expanded Jobs Network for Students

We're pleased to announce we've completed the migration to our new Job Tools format and jobs database, offering improved resume posting and Saved Search Job Alert agent tools, as well as the ability to search a vastly expanded selection of job opportunities through our new Job Sites Network.

Student and entry-level job seekers are welcomed to create an account on our new system using our Job Tools Quickstart wizard.

Other additions of interest include a new series of QuickTips offering advice on how to optimize your job search on our site network, and the ability to subscribe for Jobs and Careers Updates mailings to receive notices about additional features such as our virtual career fairs, Top 100 Employers specials, graduate study opportunities, unpublished job opportunities and more.

To view the new tools and try the extended job search, visit and click "Job Tools".

Monday, July 13, 2009

Recently Added Features: Video, Nonprofit Careers, Male Students

Friday, June 26, 2009

BLACK COLLEGIAN Moving to New Online Job Board Format

THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online will be moving this month to a new jobs database format with expanded network jobs, instant Saved Search job alert emails, and streamlined searchable resume posting. We invite you to preview the beta model of our new job bank and its extended network of jobs.

For jobseekers with existing accounts on our old system, your account tools, resume, applications history, jobs in-box and search agent will still be accessible on our current system at until July 15, 2009. If you have any outstanding applications you would like to make to jobs saved in your in-box, we encourage you to do so or to make a copy of the posting before then.

If you have not visited our site recently, we hope you will explore our new job bank, now with simple new methods to search a vastly expanded network of postings, filter relevant jobs and schedule automated searches. Although the new system does not require it to search for and apply to jobs, creating a new account takes only a moment, and lets you also access the new versions of our easy-to-use searchable resume posting and manage multiple Saved Search Job Alert Email Agents.

For more, please see

Friday, June 19, 2009

New feature spotlights "Gentlemen of Quality" on HBCU campuses

We're glad to announce the return to THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online of contributor Ian Evans ("The Dress Code" First Semester Super Issues 2008) with a new feature, "Gentlemen of Quality," and examination of "Young Black Men who are upholding the tradition of achievement".

The far-ranging article features young men from across America's HBCUs, who in photographs and quotes tackle the challenges of being young, Black and male in a society where "positive images of quality, educated, enlightened young black men are few, while the image of uneducated drug dealers, pimps and thugs are widely known and celebrated."

The piece gives a compelling look at what men from Morehouse, Dillard, Howard, FAMU, Tuskegee and Fisk feel about the opportunities and hopes, and the continuing challenges and stigmas that lay ahead for Black men in Obama-era America.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Deadline: HBS Summer Venture in Management Program 2009

Release from Harvard Business School:

The Summer Venture in Management Program (SVMP) is a week of Harvard Business School instruction that exposes high-potential college students in the summer between their junior and senior year to the HBS MBA experience and the variety of opportunities a degree in management can afford. Participants from diverse backgrounds spend the week on campus living the MBA student experience - attending classes, analyzing case studies, and debating management issues with peers and faculty.

This unique educational experience, in combination with a summer internship at a sponsoring company or organization, gives participants a broader understanding of the challenges business leaders face, the innumerable opportunities that exist in management, and the impact they can have on their community and the world through leadership.

In order to attend, a completed application is due by May 11, 2009. Click here for particulars on the application process.

For more information about this program, please visit the SVMP Website.

Best regards,
MBA Admissions
Harvard Business School

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Fellowships

With a new generation of social advocates and policy makers changing the landscape on Capitol Hill, it is important to provide them with the tools necessary to conduct positive change. For more than two decades, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) has groomed motivated young adults into tomorrow's talented thought leaders. It is also one of the nation's largest provider of internships, scholarships, and fellowships to African Americans and persons of color.

A New Generation of Promise, by Sean Nixon, a 2009 CBCF Communications Intern, describes the program and the experiences of current Fellows, as the April 16 deadline approaches for next year's round of applications.